General Information



All currently registered HKU full-time students/ HKU staff holding valid HKU – CSE sports membership who AGED 16 OR ABOVE is eligible to enroll.

Member Category

  1. HKU Full-time Students
  2. HKU Full-time Staff


  1. Category 1) and 2) can enroll the course for their guest (16 years old or above) provided that they (Category 1 & 2) are also enrolling for the same course.
  2. Member must present valid Staff Card / Student ID when enrolling in courses


All currently registered HKU full time students/ HKU staff who AGED 16 OR ABOVE is eligible to enroll.

Course Level

Unless specified, all courses are at beginner’s level. For courses at intermediate/improver level, participants should have some experience in the activity.


Most activities will take place in the Flora Ho Sports Centre (FHSC) in Pokfulam Road. Other activities will be held at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre (SHSC) in Sha Wan Drive.

Clothing and Equipment

Participant must dress in sportswear and footwear when attending course. Only non-marking footwear may be worn for indoor sports and tennis. Other equipment will be provided free of charge.

Changing Facilities

Most facilities have changing rooms and coin-operated locker. Please bring a five-dollars coin to insert into a locker. The coin will be refunded when you empty the locker.

Right and Expectations

All participants should have responsibility to create and maintain an environment that fosters the common interest and convenience for all users. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please follow the house rules while using the facilities and equipment. All house rules are posted throughout the facilities.

Rules and Regulations for course application

  1. Participant must present valid Student ID Card / Staff Card / Sports membership Card when enrolling in courses at HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS).
  2. No reservation or enrollment by phone / fax / email are accepted.
  3. Enrollment is processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and all applications must be followed by payment within 1 days before revoking. Otherwise, quota will be allotted to other applicants.
  4. Participant should be aware of the time slots of different classes to avoid conflicting time schedule when enrolling. CSE will not be responsible or refund for such cases.
  5. Participants have to pay the exact amount of the whole course. No permission will be given to participants applying reduced payment of non- attendance throughout the whole course.
  6. Participants must not exchange or transfer courses one another after payment. Change of attendee is prohibited.
  7. Participant must complete the enrollment and payment procedure before attending a class.
  8. In the event of holiday or special programme, all classes affected will be postponed and rearrangement will be confirmed and informed by staff.
  9. All participants must ascertain if they comply with the criteria of concerned classes before enrolling.
  10. CSE has the right to take photo of or videotape the class activity for the purpose of publicity and course promotion. Participants who do not wish to be captured by photo or to be shown in any other means, please kindly notify staff in advance. CSE will then make proper arrangement.
  11. Please refer to the “Arrangement Under Inclement Weather Conditions” of this booklet for bad weather conditions.
  12. Please refer to ”HKU Event Management System- Institute of Human Performance” in portal for the most updated venue of the activities, courses and programmes.
  13. The CSE reserves the right to amend the details of activities, courses and programmes, without prior notice. Participants shall be notified of the change by staff shortly.

Refund Guidelines

  1. In the event of course cancellation arranged by the CSE, our staff will notify the affected participants by email and arrange refund accordingly.
  2. The CSE will not refund, arrange make-up class, exchange or transfer courses for any absence which is due to personal reason (eg. Lecture or tutorial, sick, travel, work or study...etc) of the participants.

Safety and Rules

All participants are expected to recognize and accept the risks inherent in their activity. Part of the risk involved in undertaking any activity or program is relative to the participant’s own state of health (physical, mental or emotional) and the awareness, care and skill with which the participants conducts himself or herself in that activity or program. The specific risks vary from one activity to another. All participation in programs and services is voluntary and each participant knowingly assumes all risks associated with his or her own participation. In case of personal injury or accident, contract a staff person immediately.

All participants are not permitted to conduct, or solicit for, any form of business within the facilities (personal training, private lessons), nor are they permitted to conduct or organize unauthorized paid or voluntary coaching sessions or group programs.

Arrangement under Inclement Weather Conditions

For courses conducted in the Flora Ho Sports Centre (FHSC), Stanley Ho Sports Centre (SHSC): Classes and activities may be cancelled in case of inclement weather. Course participants individually should call the CSE at 2817-4046, NINETY minutes before the start of the class, to check whether the class has been cancelled. Our centre staff WILL NOT notify the affected participants unless under special circumstances. Classes cancelled due to below scenarios would have MAXIMUM TWO make-up classes follow up with the original schedule. No refund will be given back.

- All classes will be cancelled if typhoons signal No.8 or above is hoisted. Outdoor activity (Aquatics, Tennis, Archery & Golf) will be cancelled if Red & Black rainstorm, typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted.

- If there is persistent heavy rain in Western district, classes involving outdoor activity (Aquatics, Tennis, Archery & Golf) will be cancelled.

- Aquatics classes will be cancelled if thunderstorm warning is hoisted and with respect to local weather condition.

For courses conducted outside the FHSC, LRSC, and SHSC, please refer to the guidelines laid down by the concerned organization or instructors.


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